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Since 2019, as RedRisks, we have been "Connecting, Sharing and Learning" with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Practitioners across the world.

Through our YouTube Channel, we share knowledge and expertise on wide range of HSE topics featuring subject matter and world class experts.

In 2021, we launched our LinkedIn Newsletter to increase awareness and engagement with HSE practitioners across the world. Our newsletter "CommuniSAFE" now reaches over 5K Subscribers.

Through our various media outlets, we have not only listened but also learned what HSE practitioners are looking for when it comes to increasing their knowledge and understanding of HSE related topics. 

Created by HSE Practitioners, LearnHSE aims to provide HSE practitioners access to information, courses and resources on a wide range of HSE related topics.  

LearnHSE focuses on enhancing knowledge or supplement learning for certification from a variety of proverrs,  including NEBOSH, IOSH and others.  You can find out more in our Courses Collection.

In our FAQ page, we have addressed a selection of questions that have been asked. However, if we have not answered your question, get in touch with us (form can be found in the dashboard panel).

You can find more information about who is behind the scenes at LearnHSE on our About page.

We look forward to Connecting, Sharing and Learning with you at LearnHSE.